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The Foundation

Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH, a Limited Liability Company,  with domicile at Reutlingen / Germany can look back on more than one hundred years of company tradition. 
Peter Villforth founded the Vereinigte Metalltuchfabriken Peter Villforth in 1870.





The Products

Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH has specialised in producing and distributing Synthetic Fabrics. Particularly in the domain of Forming Fabrics Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH belongs among the leading qualitative manufacturers world wide. And we are continuously reinforcing our market position.
Our customers can also be found in other industrial branches, e .g. chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, textile and food processing industry as well as building material and leather industry.
For a high tech product you need high tech service. Our service enjoys a high reputation among our customers.


Quality is a responsibility towards our customers.
And it is actively guaranteed by our integrated Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

People at Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH

Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH presently occupies 80 employees. Active members of the management are Certified Engineer Thomas Villforth and Karin Villforth.

Sales Market

We are represented in over 25 different countries by our Global Marketing Network.
Our diligent agencies are supporting us. Primary Sales Market is the European Union.